USF Professor Tony Ribera talks quality of life crimes in SF neighborhoods | USF in the News |

“With auto burglary and theft surging in San Francisco along with complaints about street encampments, it’s no surprise that one of many measures on the city’s November ballot aims to reduce so-called quality-of-life crimes that make people feel less safe in their own neighborhoods. But critics of Proposition R say Supervisor Scott Wiener’s proposal is a misguided play at residents’ fears that shifts power over day-to-day crime-fighting strategy from the Police Department to City Hall.”


“The measure’s overhaul of police decision-making, though, troubles critics such as Tony Ribera, a former San Francisco police chief who directs the International Institute of Law Enforcement Leadership at the University of San Francisco. He said Prop. R would bind the hands of not only the police chief, but also district captains responsible for ensuring safe neighborhoods.

The priorities of the Police Department in terms of crime-fighting change constantly,” Ribera said. “This year, it seems like property crimes, vehicle break-ins and burglaries are the top priorities. We need to address that, but next year it could be something totally different, and our chief needs to have the flexibility to commit resources on a contemporary, as-needed basis.”


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