USF renames building for Toler after students raise concerns on racism - Carl Nolte | USF in the News |

For more than 60 years, a big student residence hall at the University of San Francisco bore the name of James Duval Phelan, a former mayor of San Francisco, U.S. senator and alumnus of the school. Phelan was strongly opposed to Asian immigration, and one of his campaign slogans was “Keep California White.”


Statues of Confederate heroes are being removed in New Orleans this month, and in recent times, debates have arisen over schools named for slave owners.


At Princeton University last year, students waged an unsuccessful campaign to remove President Woodrow Wilson’s name from some of the school’s buildings because of his racial views. [...] there have been suggestions in San Francisco that Justin Herman Plaza be renamed because Herman’s redevelopment policies resulted in removal of African Americans from the Fillmore District.


The formal movement to rename Phelan Hall began last year with a request to the university by a group of USF students, led by Student Senate President Shaya Kara.


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