Stymied at Grant Elementary, Lowell and USF Graduations on First Go-Round: Mark Buell, Civic Leader Made USF SOM Graduation Saturday   | USF in the News |

If at first you don’t succeed ... Civic leader Mark Buell, graduation speaker at the University of San Francisco on Saturday, May 20, revealed that before attending USF, he’d attended Grant Elementary and Lowell High schools. He had not attended graduation ceremonies for any of them.


A learning disability put him in a Grant Elementary classroom taking graduation qualification tests during rites there; a summer job aboard a passenger ship to Asia meant that he’d left town a week before the Lowell graduation. And he was drafted into the Army six weeks before his college graduation ceremonies.


His speech included special thanks to the evening-school dean who had allowed him — because of his disability — to waive the language requirement in lieu of young Buell taking 12 units of theology. After for that, he said, “muchas gracias.”