"What Trump Could Learn from the Warriors:" SF Prof Bruce Wydick Explains in SF Chronicle Opinion Piece | USF in the News | Scoop.it

Both have faced challenges in their own spheres, the complexities of 21st century global politics and the quest for an NBA championship, respectively. [...] consider how their different understanding of competition and cooperation have influenced the way they have engaged their respective challenges — and how these different approaches have influenced their degree of success.


To obtain lucrative individual contracts, NBA players are understandably concerned with “putting up good numbers” before their next salary negotiation. There is more joy among the Warriors from a sneaky pass to a teammate than in individual scoring records. [...] rather than perceiving the mutual gains from cooperation with other countries in areas such as international trade and global environmental issues, Trump pledged to put America first, a pledge consistent with a zero-sum understanding of the world.


The undertakings of previous U.S. presidents, such as the signing of the Paris climate agreement, the U.N. Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, the NATO alliance and various international economic treaties have partially restrained American self-interest to collectively benefit the global community. [...] even if he had, consider how different a group of talented but self-interested players would have looked from the athletic harmony in motion we witnessed in the postseason.




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