USF Sports Management Professor Dan Rascher Weighs in on the Future of Football | USF in the News |

Is the rate of concussions in football hindering the popularity and possibly jeopardizing the future of the sport? USF Sports Management Professor Dan Rascher explains what would be at stake if football "died".


"The biggest loser, aside from the league itself, would be the TV networks that have the potential to make “a lot of money off the NFL and college football,” says Dan Rascher, an economist and academic director of the sports management program at the University of San Francisco. “Those games are must-see TV; they aggregate viewership,” drawing ratings massive enough to allow the networks to jack up fees to local affiliates and advertisers. In the Netflix age, live events like NFL and college games buck the trend toward delayed viewing. Eager to see an event in real time, viewers are stripped of the ability to fast-forward through commercials. Should football die on the vine, says Rascher, “the networks will definitely suffer.” [via @SInow]