USF Law Professor Tim Iglesias on City's Decision for Preferential Housing | USF in the News |

"San Francisco officials are claiming victory in a dispute with federal housing officials regarding a city effort to combat gentrification.

The city had aimed to help low-income residents secure preferences when applying for a new senior housing complex; this week the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced it will allow an "anti-displacement" preference for residents living in certain neighborhoods experiencing rapid gentrification."




"It's good that HUD explicitly acknowledges the challenge gentrification poses to following fair housing law, when it comes to serving lower-income residents who live in high-cost cities," said University of San Francisco Law Professor Tim Iglesias, who specializes in housing law. "But there are not enough publicly available details about the compromise to know how much this will really serve the city's initial goal ... to avoid the further displacement of African-Americans in the Western Addition."


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