USF Politics Professor Keally McBride on Women in Politics | USF in the News |

"San Francisco District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim is a progressive Democrat who has focused on affordable housing and income inequality, among other issues. She says she’s found herself having to perform two different roles for much of her political career. “Real or perceived, I always feel like I have to balance between being someone who pushes hard and someone who doesn’t get too much attention,” she says.




"Keally McBride is a professor of politics with a focus on feminist theory at University of San Francisco. She says the ugly nature of local politics and gender-based public commentary sometimes keep women from running at all. In general, the Bay Area has pretty strong involvement of women in electoral politics, more so than a lot of places. But there’s a pretty well-documented problem of getting women to run for office,” she says. “You open yourself up to a lot of very personal attacks, and for very good reason women tend to look at the possibility of running for office as not worth the personal pain."
“When we have contentious races they become very personality-based, and that’s always going to be more difficult for women” because of gender-specific expectations, she says."