Professor of Law Tim Iglesias on Airbnb Housing Lawsuits | USF in the News |

"SANTA MONICA – A series of lawsuits have been filed by home rental host AirBNB in an attempt to support the rights of its home rental users. AirBNB has filed a number of lawsuits against home-sharing ordinances that have cropped up across the country, most notably in San Francisco and Santa Monica."



"Areas that were zoned for residential use are seeing home rentals being used for commercial use, which Tim Iglesias, professor at the University of San Francisco, told the Northern California Record can pose potential problems. “The idea that AirBNB is bringing in transient residents to what are oftentimes permanent residences is disruptive,” Iglesias told the Northern California Record. “There have been cases of AirBNB hosts that the rooms weren’t really good for health and safety, and people were injured in these rentals. There are problems with people coming in and having parties and bothering the neighbors. It’s parking issues and extra cars that wouldn’t normally be there. Sometimes the disruption to other neighbors rises to the level of nuisance.”


[Via @NorCal_Record]