USF Theater Professor Michelle Maxson Brings Bay Area Talent to the Screen | USF in the News |

"On a recent fall afternoon, I found myself seated on a casting couch — but in Michelle Maxson’s airy living room in Petaluma, I found the inversion, or the evolution, of that icky backroom stereotype. Maxson is the local casting director for the upcoming independent film Burn Country, directed and co-written by Sonoma County-raised filmmaker Ian Olds.

Burn Country, which stars Melissa Leo and James Franco, finds an Afghani war zone “fixer” arriving, safely away from home, at a fictionalized but highly realistic version of small-town Northern California. After its star, Dominic Rains, won Best Actor at the Tribeca Film Festival, the project was picked up for distribution by Samuel Goldwyn Films — this small film has hit the big time."




"“When I was first learning acting, I was told that the most important person on stage is not you, it’s your partner,” Maxson says. “And it’s your job to make your partner as good as they can possibly be. I’ve always made it a priority to champion my fellow actors.” She stresses the importance of “reading” actors as an actor, not just as a passive voice flatly providing responses during an audition."


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