USF Long Time Game Announcer Patrick Olson on the Broadcasting Industry | USF in the News |

"Around 70 students fill two sections of the class, which blends hands-on experience with media history and law. Students watch and discuss pivotal moments in TV and radio history, study the First Amendment and libel laws, and then put it all into application with daily news updates on video and in print on the web. Olson has been teaching the class for more than a decade, and he runs it with the vigor and skill of an experienced producer — which he is."




"Olson worked for nearly a decade as the sports director for sports radio station KNBR in San Francisco before turning to education, and he continues to announce games for the University of San Francisco men’s basketball team. So far, he’s broadcast more than a thousand sports events for the college. He also manages and shoots videos for Cabrillo Unified School District’s YouTube channel. “I tell students this is a huge growth industry, said Olson. “There are jobs and they pay well — camera person, producer, editor.”


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