USF Politics Professor on Live Election Results | USF in the News |

"Election Day is here and this year, things are getting interesting.

There are real time projections that are breaking all the rules, live blogs to keep you up to speed with every tidbit of information and, of course, old school exit polls. 

If you are ready to mix it up, here are a few ways to follow the election throughout the day. One particular tool is making traditional political watchers anxious. Vice (live video), Slate(voter data) and Vote Castr are joining up for a unique approach of making projections throughout the day as data like demographic and voter turnout roll in."




"The project has made some nervous, with the thinking being that this kind of information could alter voter turnout. Ken Goldstein, of the University of San Francisco and a member of ABC News' Decision Desk, put it succinctly to the New York Times: “I’m profoundly uncomfortable with characterizing election result during Election Day"