USF Social Innovation Director and Professor Jennifer Walske on Salesforce CEO buying Twitter | USF in the News |

"The founder and CEO of sales and marketing software giant Inc., Benioff has commanded a major presence in Silicon Valley since emerging as a hotshot salesman at Oracle Corp. in the 1980s. Outside the worlds of sales, technology and philanthropy though, Benioff is hardly a household name.

His stature could change soon if Salesforce goes through with a considered multibillion-dollar acquisition of Twitter, the social media service that's among the world’s most-used apps."



"“Do I personally think he needs Twitter to have that influence? No,” said Jennifer Walske, who sits on a board with Benioff and teaches about socially conscious business practices at the University of San Francisco. “But would it put them in a new market and bring them new visibility? Absolutely.”


[Via @latimes]