USF MBA Program Director Frank Fletcher on the High Emphasis on Flexibility at USF | USF in the News |

"A few years ago, University of San Francisco student Amy Rosenkrantzdecided to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree but she didn’t want to take time off work to do it. So she looked for a part-time MBAprogram with a high emphasis on flexibility, a trend administrators say is becoming increasing popular."



“Each student has different goals, needs and backgrounds so we try to tailor the program to suit their needs,” said Frank Fletcher, MBA program director at USF. “We’ve had to build in a lot of career development into the program and change the way we deliver certain aspects recognizing the evolution of our students’ needs.” 

For example, the MBA program at USF still offers core classes like operations and financial management, but students are able to choose a platform, almost like a concentration or major, that allows them to study and create networks more specific to their interests and end goals."