USF International Studies and Politics Professor Stephen Zunes on Trump Protests | USF in the News |

"It’s been a week since the election of Donald Trump, and the public displays of disaffection continue. Yet for all the miles marched, candles burned and verses of “Imagine” softly sung, many demonstrators are struggling to come to peace with the purpose of the protests and where they’ll lead, if anywhere."




"Such street demonstrations “serve notice” and provide an emotional release, said Stephen Zunes, a professor of politics and international studies at the University of San Francisco. But moving forward, he said, “People have to think more strategically. They're going to have to dig in for the long term.”

That means forming coalitions, figuring out when to work within the system or when to take to the streets. “Street demo after street demo after street demo doesn't work,” he said."


[Via @sfgate]