USF Law Professor Alice Kaswan on Reduction of Carbon Emissions | USF in the News |

"This month, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments in a case that will determine the fate of the Obama administration's innovative Clean Power Plan (CPP or "Plan") and its ability to reduce climate-change-causing carbon emissions and improve public health. What is at stake is a fundamentally new and promising approach to reducing pollution from power plants."




"In developing the Clean Power Plan, the agency went beyond its traditional pollution control strategies and recognized the critical connection between emissions reductions and state energy planning decisions about what kinds of energy to use. Under the CPP, states can choose to shut down the most polluting facilities in the most populated areas. They could also invest in energy efficiency and shift their energy supply to less or zero-polluting sources, like solar, wind power, and natural gas. These measures would not only achieve the Clean Power Plan's carbon reduction goals, but also improve air quality."


Via [@thehill]