Dr. Kimberleigh Cox, Associate Professor at the University of San Francisco (USF) Contributes Expert Opinion on California Nurse Practitioner Full Practice Authority (FPA) | USF in the News | Scoop.it

In four interviews with prominent NP professors in California - three who support FPA and one who is conflicted - this article examines the pros and cons.


From Kim Cox, USF: Passionate advocate, clinician, and teacher who espouses the need for improved access to evidence-based, integrated healthcare for all populations.


"The ability of nurse practitioners to utilize their full scope of holistic practice, advanced clinical training, and patient-centered nursing care is invaluable. [FPA is] necessary for providers to promote optimal health, prevent illness, reduce health disparities, and improve access to care. NPs are especially relevant in California to address the health needs of our underserved patients and at-risk populations...."